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 Why Spain, why Southern Andalucia, and why the Costa del Sol?

Spain offers infinite variety and has something for everyone

As far back as Roman times Spain was the place to go. The Romans settled across all of Spain and discovered the finer points of the country and even left their city names.

Mainland Spain is big - nearly half a million square kilometres in area with different character, culture and climate in each of it's fifteen mainland autonomous regions. Andalucia covers most of Southern Spain, and the Costa del Sol lies on its southern coastline, in the province of Malaga.

Southern Andalucia embraces a huge area south of the various mountain ranges which protect the Costa del Sol - the Sierra Bermeja, Serrania de Ronda, Sierras de Alhama & de Tejeda, etc. North of these, the climate tends to be hot and dry and yet in the winter be chilled by the cold winds from the north. The protective force of the mountains create a micro-climate of a more temperate nature, where mile upon mile of the hillsides are populated by olive, almond and citrus groves,and small white walled pueblos dot the landscape, down to the Costa del Sol itself.

The Costa del Sol is blessed with beautiful scenery and lovely weather - sunshine is almost guaranteed - around 325 days a year with average temperatures over 20 C. Glorious beaches, unspoiled countryside , white walled and pink roofed villages, excellent golf courses, intriguing history, culture and heritage, good food and lots more.

This can be said of many of the Costas in Spain, but what makes the Costa del Sol different. It is not the location for cheap property, so why is that?

  • Geography - along the whole length of the Costa del Sol the various Sierra mountain ranges stretch down close to the sea leaving a narrow coastal plain adjacent to rolling hills. So land is at a premium. One doesn't have hundreds of square miles of flat land on which to build 'new towns', as has happened on some of the Costas in Spain. New developments on the Costa del Sol are usually small complexes designed in Andalucian style and built in to the shape of the foothills, around golf courses, and of course, on the beachfront.
    This unique geography means, if you want, you can be in a finca in the country and yet still close to the towns and the beaches and the airport. The choice of different types of home still close to the coast is unsurpassed.
  • Climate - This southernmost coast of Spain is free of frosts in winter unlike some other Costas and is a year round resort area for all sports and pastimes. And with the Sierra Nevada over to the East avid skiers can ski in the morning and sun bathe in the afternoon and play golf in the evening!
  • Infrastructure - The Costa del Sol has good transport and communications, excellent established medical and health facilities, extensive facilities for shopping of all kinds, and commercial centres in key towns such as Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, etc.
  • Location - the Costa del Sol is the place to be - Puerto Banus and Marbella attracts the rich and famous and this creates a kudos for the whole of the coast. Location, location, location is just as relevant on the Costa del Sol asover here in the UK.

So the climate is appealing, the geography diverse, the sights stupendous, the food appetising, what else makes Spain the place to be ?

  • Health - the Spanish are amongst the world's healthiest people aided by diet and climate. Health care and health care facilities are generally very good and available to EU residents, subject to certain conditions.
  • Taxation - tax rates are generally lower in Spain than in the UK
  • Cost of Living - again lower than in the UK by some way. Rates are lower, utility charges are lower, food costs are lower, many consumer durables cost less too.
  • Pace of living - things do happen at a different pace in Spain for people wish to enjoy life. With a different daily timetable - late lunch and evening meal, not rushed, shops open until 9 or 10 p.m.
  • Sports - there are some 40 golf courses on the Costa del Sol, there are facilities for swimming, tennis, bowling, horse riding, sailing, fishing, etc, etc.
  • Night Life - if you want it, it is there!

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