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Viewing trips with Movingplaces Espana

With Cash Back* if you buy.

MovingplacesEspana arrange viewing trips for clients to view properties with representatives of our Spanish based partners.

*If you do buy through our agents we give you a £100 "Cash Back" per person travelling as a contribution to your trip costs.

What is a Viewing Trip?

A viewing trip is a visit to the Costa del Sol or Coast Calida, when you dedicate your time over a period of 3 to 4 days, or longer, if you wish, to finding a property with the help of our agents.
In association with our partners, we arrange an itinerary for you:

  • to familiarise you with the area(s) you have chosen
  • to view the properties that fit your requirements you will be shown a selection of properties including those which you may have shortlisted from viewing our website or portfolio in the UK
  • to review the legal, financial and administrative aspects involved in purchasing.

Our partners provide a completely free and personalised viewing service. Normally, they will contact you before you fly out to verify your requirements, and agree the days, in your trip, for you to view properties.
This gives them time to research and select the properties most suited to your needs, plus giving you control of your own itinerary. (If time is short we will arrange an initial meeting or set up viewing days for you)
We are confident that our Agents will provide you with excellent service, as well as their valuable experience and knowledge of this area of Spain. (All Agents either speak English or are British). They can also help you with lawyers (abogados) specialising in conveyancing, Spanish mortgages and/or rental management (if required).

    Why do a Viewing Trip?

    There is no substitute for seeing for yourself before you make such an important purchase. The Viewing Trip is the most cost effective, professional, and informative way of viewing property in the area you have chosen, if you are serious about buying.

    If you do wish to explore totally at your leisure, then, if you wish, we can arrange for viewings within your trip. Let us know at least three weeks before you go.

    Will we be under pressure to buy when on an inspection trip?

    We do not subsidise our viewing trips, therefore there is no risk of invidious pressure on you or on our agents "to make a sale".
    A viewing Trip is designed for clients who are serious about buying. The pre planning ensures you make the best use of both your time and that of our agents. There is no obligation to buy. If we do not show you the property that you 'fall in love with', then we realise you will not buy.

    You will have plenty of time to make up your mind because despite an intensive itinerary, you will have time to yourself to relax and reflect on what you have seen.

    If we see a property we wish to buy, what happens next?

    You will then start the buying procedure as detailed in our Guide to Buying a Home in Spain. It is worth reminding here that, as a serious buyer, you should be in a position to proceed by lodging a reserving deposit with your lawyer, which takes the property off the market and 'kick starts' the conveyancing work.
    The best way of being prepared for this is to take with you a Bankers Draft in your name for a maximum of 3000 Euros.

    How much do the Viewing Trips cost?

    We have no set price for these trips. We can help arrange trips of any duration. We recommend at least 3/4 days, but we can arrange different duration trips with and without accommodation through our contacts with direct travel agencies.
    Once you confirm the dates you wish to travel, we will do the 'donkey work'- securing flight and/or accomodation quotes,or alternative 'last minute' packages, if required. We then pass that information on to you and if you are satisfied with the package offered, we ask you to deal directly with the travel agent to complete the booking.

    When are the Viewing Trips?

    Trips can be arranged at any time throughout the year; departure day will vary with airport and duration.

    The Cash Back Offer

    If you purchase a property through our partner agents on the Costa del Sol from £100,000 or more, we will give you a cheque for £100 per person travelling, as a contribution to your viewing trip costs. For properties from £50,000 to £99,999 we contribute £50 per person. For properties below £50,000, £25 per person.
    The Cash Back will be made on the signing of the Deed of Conveyance (escritura de compraventa)and once commissions are paid. The Cash Back will apply to a maximum of two persons travelling on the trip.

    Ring us on 01202 656 766 for more information

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