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First, we are sure you would like to know what the weather is like down there!

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        And now... latest news from Southern Spain...

  • The spectre of the mass demolition of Spanish holiday homes has been in the headlines, following proposals announced by the government in Madrid aimed at protecting the country’s coastline from overdevelopment. At issue this time, though, are not just a handful of dodgy buildings in Marbella, but thousands of properties up and down the coast and islands that have been built illegally too close to the coastline. Judging by some of the headlines, you would think the bulldozers were already revving up their engines to get to work. So is it true that the proposals will lead to mass demolitions that could affect thousands of British owners, and what does it mean for potential investors thinking of buying today? ... This is an extract from Mark Stucklin's excellent article in the Times newpaper - the short answer is NO but for a full account of the article go to www.timesonline.co.uk/overseasproperty 
  • 2009/10 and 2011 have been so far  difficult periods as the Credit Crunch has created ramifications around the world. In southern Spain, agents are reporting the market in 2011 is slow following the falls of 2009/10, but depending on area and type of property there are still some hot spots.                         
  •  So does it still make sense to invest on the Costa del Sol ? 

The facts are that the growth in property prices had been slowing for the 3 years before 2009. The double digit increases had gone (except in certain areas) as the market has matured - any statistician will tell you that you cannot keep adding 25% annually to previous figures. Average prices in 2006 (for the whole of Spain) increased by around 9%; in 2005 the figure was just under 13%, in 2004 just under 20%.  

The Costa del Sol reflected this with activity peaking late 2006/early 2007 . That said there are still many people still interested in buying and actually buying here.

What are the prospects for the future? Is it safe to buy on the Costa del Sol?

We believe it is, but you might say that of course we would say that. However if one looks at this region and how it has developed and is still developing we judge there are good reasons for a positive future.

Read what we say in our Why Spain section about the Costa del Sol and see if you agree!    

  • Capital Gains Tax: As from 1st January 2007 Capital Gains Tax has been  reduced from 35% to 18% for non residents (and this rate is applied to residents as well (formerly 15%). When you sell, the Notary will send 3% (previously 5%) of the declared selling price to the tax authorities (Hacienda) and pass to you the remaining 97%. This 3%  represents a downpayment towards your capital gains liability and is reclaimable if your tax is less than this amount.
  •  The Spanish peseta was withdrawn on 28 February 2002, but many businesses over 8 years on, including estate agents, still will quote pesetas and Euros. The changeover to the Euro did not impact prices or sales; any 'mattress' money has long, long gone!
  • Demand and Prices have softened with the recent weakening of £ sterling v. the Euro; whilst the £ Sterling previously had continued to buy around 1.40 - 1.45 Euros to £1, the current weakening to around 1.10 - 1.15 especially in the current tight financial situation is likely to stay with us whilst the Bank of England keeps bank lending rates low to help recover from the slowdown in the UK economy
  • The £ sterling is unlikely to recover back to the rates of 2003 to 2005 and so it does mean that properties in Spain are costing more, over and above the trend of prices. However we have now seen Spanish property price growth slow down and in some areas to fall to compensate. The slowing down of price increases as some people hold their buying decisions, does start to make this a buyers market. That said, one should remember that although we British make up a big chunk of buyers, the rest of Europe - West and East, are buyers too.

    Many economists view that the current exchange rate - at around 1.15 Euros to £1 - is probably a realistic valuation. This level is getting back to recent historical rates that existed with the old Spanish peseta - one might remember around 200 pesetas to £1 which was considered a good rate; the current rate would still be the equivalent of around 207 pesetas to £1 - so still a good rate.

    So what does all this mean - it means this is still a good time to buy.

  • Remember your buying decision is not just about price. It is about enjoying one of the best climates in Europe, enjoying a low cost of living, having an unmatchable quality of life. For all this, Southern Andalucia & the Costa del Sol are difficult to beat.

    Useful Links to other websites

      This section lists the names of websites providing useful information on Spain, Andalucia and the Costa del Sol.To visit these sites just click on the name.

www.rentinandalucia.com - properties to rent between Estepona and Marbella; luxury villas and apartments; budget apartments; for short and long term lets.

www.andalucia.com - an excellent information site covering many subject categories relating to Andalucia.

www.surinenglish.com - Sur in English is a most popular weekly newspaper in the Costa del Sol. This website provides much of the subject matter including Classified ads.

www.diariosur.es/fijas/pueblos/ingles/pueblosi.htm - part of the Sur in English site this section provides lots of useful information about towns and villages in the Province of Malaga.

www.costadelsol.net - another very useful information site on towns and villages in the region.
www.xe.com - an instant link to obtain currency exchange rates.

www.hifx.co.uk - the website of our recommended direct currency exchange company who provide excellent rates and fast service to obtain and send your Euros for your purchase.

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